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About Us

Over the last 10 years the Orkney Isles have become a major holding ground for over wintering Greylag and Pink Footed Geese.

Their numbers can reach in excess of 80,000 at their peak ensuring there is a high number of geese throughout the season.

Having shot in the USA and the UK for over 30 years we have the experience and knowledge in decoying and calling geese. Using this experience on the Orkney Isles for the last 10 years both foreshore and inland we know we can get you under the geese.

The Hunts

Morning Flights

These take place from the crack of dawn to approximately 10am. During this period the birds fly from their roost to their chosen field to feed and graze.

Evening Flights

These can take place over fed flight ponds, splashes, coastal stretches and lochs. The quarry is mainly greylag geese, pinkfeet geese, mallard, widgeon and teal.


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