Morning flight

Takes place from the crack of dawn to approximately 10am.

During this period the birds fly from their roost to their chosen field to feed and graze. Shooting takes place from layout blinds, hides, stone walls or ditches over a lifelike pattern of decoys.

The quarry is predominantly truly wild migratory Icelandic greylags although pinkfooted geese are also common, ducks can also be encountered.

After the flight is over and the kit is packed away together with the shot birds it’s back to base for breakfast. Shot birds can then be sorted out and stored in the game room.

Evening flight

These can take place over fed flight ponds, splashes, coastal stretches and lochs. The quarry is mainly greylag geese, pinkfeet geese, mallard, widgeon and teal.

Orkney is capable of providing truly wild spectacular shooting in breathtaking surroundings.

After the flight its back for an evening meal and a couple of drinks can be enjoyed in the local pub.