• Ensure you are fully insured via BASC or equivalent insurer.
  • Respect your guides equipment, property and advice.
  • Try and ensure you are correctly kitted out for the extreme winter conditions. (Chest waders would be an advantage)
  • Take all your shot birds home at the end of your trip.
  • Ensure all your empty cartridge shells are picked up and taken away.
  • Respect the use of all fences, gates and walls.
  • Respect the local surroundings including livestock.


  • Shoot unless it is safe to do so.
  • Move from your designated hide or layout blind unless instructed to do so by your guide.
  • Block any gateways or tracks.
  • Shoot any birds which are considered out of range.
  • Disturb any local crops, wildlife or livestock.
  • Shoot unless instructed to do so by your guide.

** All guns will be required to undertake a short safety briefing of rules and regulations prior to your first shoot. **